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My awakening was prompted by the quest for self-healing and self-discovery. 


I was born a sensitive child. Growing up in a busy city in China, I felt the sense of not belonging to this world. However, nature and her beautiful elements, time and again, gave my delicate heart the comfort and assurance. I remember sitting by an ancient-old tree and gazing into the cosmos: “Who are we? Where do we come from?” 


In my early twenties, I was drawn by the emerald land of England. I didn’t know what I was looking for, but I decided to follow that calling. I packed my bags and journeyed from east to west. After university I had a career in the corporate world. I didn’t have the answers to my bigger questions, so fitting into society seemed a natural thing to do.  However, I started to struggle, until one day something that felt like a heart attack struck. All of a sudden, those questions that I had when I was a child started to flood back to me: ‘Who am I? What is the purpose of life?’ My health crisis triggered me to wake up. 


I started to look into ways to heal myself. The very first Transference Healing® stirred up such an ancient memory in me. The beautiful nature, crystals and cosmos frequencies that filtered through resonated so much with my soul. The Light and the vibration of Love struck so deeply in my heart that I knew this would be the right pathway for me. I soon attended trainings and then Mystery Schools. 


The continuous healings started to open up dimensions beyond dimensions within the self. I returned to a state of balance and wellness in my health, and gradually healed from the pain & hypersensitivity of childhood.  My awareness opened, and my consciousness expanded. I started to experience a birthing of the new self, and a re-connection to the very essence of my being. My soul’s purpose on earth started to become clear to me. Answers to the bigger questions that I had as a child started to reveal themselves.


Through this profound healing journey back to the Light, back to my true self, I also awakened my deeper connection to the crystal realms, and to the elemental, Angelic, cosmic and many other realms of Light. I still remember a profound connection and healing with my emerald crystal one day. It took me back to an ancient land - one I now recognise as Lemuria, a golden age when we lived in a higher state of majesty and connection to the Universe. In this reality, everything including us is crystalline, pure & light, just like crystals.  A magical Garden of Eden. The crystals showed me how I could receive a healing by simply tuning into a particular tree, element or crystal. Healing through nature, they said, and that’s something we have largely forgotten in our modern age. However, we are once again awakening to our deeper connection with the Earth and her crystals & elements, learning to receive nurturing and healing from nature, and returning to this crystalline state of being. 


With this memory of the crystalline Lemuria & Atlantis deep in my heart, I feel this incredible force within me to be in service - to be in service to support beautiful souls like you to heal, to reconnect to your crystalline essence within, and to live a life of Light & your soul’s true calling. 


One does not need to suffer or struggle. One can heal & be full of Light. Hence, Crystalline Healing is my healing practice to support your healing, your reconnection to that Pure & Crystalline state of being, to live a life full of Light and in higher consciousness.


In 2015 I heard my soul’s calling and re-located from hearty England to the beautiful shores of Australia. Now having my healing space nestled along the white sand coastline of the Gold Coast, I dedicate my healing practice to support unique souls like you in your journey to the Light.


It is with Love & Light that I share this path with you. A path of enlightenment.

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