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Transference Healing Crystalline Healing
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I was born a sensitive child. Growing up I felt a sense of not belonging to this world. 


As a child, I couldn’t hide my emotions. I still remember those times when teachers told me to ‘stop crying’, ‘toughen up’, ‘don’t be a trouble’. It made me feel my sensitivity was wrong. 


Growing up, I tried very hard to hide my true nature and the emotional overwhelm I felt. But deep within me, there was a yearning to find a place, a pure & peaceful place, where I could truly be myself. 


In my early twenties, I left my home country China for England. I wanted to live a ‘normal’ life like people around me. After studying at University I went on to work in the corporate world. In this often harsh and competitive world, I hid my sensitivity and seldom showed my soft & gentle nature. But deep inside, I was unhappy and unfulfiled, like a big part of me was missing.


Just when everything seemed to work out fine in my life. I started to get unwell - feeling dizzy and depleted everyday. Until one day, a panic attack struck. It was a wake-up call. My body made me realise how much I had ‘betrayed’ myself, to the point of ‘disconnection’. 


I realised I could no longer put on a mask of ‘I’m just like everybody else’.  I had to truly honour my sensitive nature, and find a way to heal the pain & trauma stopping me from being my true self. 


I began a journey of healing and self-discovery. 


The linage of Transference Healing® struck such a chord in my heart. The frequencies of Light, crystals and stars felt like my long lost friends. Following this pathway, I returned to a state of balance and wellness in my health, and gradually healed from the pain & hypersensitivity of childhood.  I experienced the birthing of the New Self, and a re-connection to my true essence. 


Through my journey of ups and downs, I have gone through spiritual initiations and acquired a well of knowledge and wisdom. I feel the calling now to be a Channel & Guide for beautiful & sensitive souls like you. 


You do not need to suffer or struggle. You can heal & be full of Light. And you deserve to live a life that’s truly YOU.


In 2015 I heard my soul’s calling and re-located from England to the beautiful shores of Australia. Now having my healing space nestled along the white sand coastline of the Gold Coast.


I dedicate my healing practise to support those who have struggled with their own journey of fitting into this often harsh world. To find a way to honour, share and embrace your sensitivity, while feeling safe, courageous and okay just to be YOU. Because, your sensitivity is a precious 'gift', not a burden.


I support you to rediscover your True Self, to rediscover your multi-dimensional Divine Light within.


It is with Love & Light that I share this path with you. A path of soul reconnection and enlightenment.

Blessings, Lily x

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