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Transference Healing Crystalline Healing

Sacred Circle of Fire

Purification Ritual

A powerful Animal Magic Cleansing Ritual...

draws upon the shamanic healing frequencies

of Animals, Elemental & Mythical Beings...

releases lower astral energies, karmic ties, energetic hook-ins, and creates deep cleanse...

Absentee Event

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Time & Location


6:00 - 7:30pm, Sunday 14th July






Are you experiencing emotional pain or lower astral energies?


There are signs, and you might:

  • experience heaviness & dense energy building up in your body, especially in your Navel and/or Solar Plexus areas;

  • sense your mind going on & on about situations concerning your relationships, either family, work or personal;

  • feel emotional triggers around certain people or situations, or having emotions such as agitation, frustration, sadness welling up especially around relationships.

  • have vivid dreams, with past memories surfacing & bringing up old hurts.






Enjoy a powerful Sacred Fire Ritual,

drawing upon the purification power of the Animal Kingdom.

Cleanse, uplift & clear your pathway for healing, empowerment & ascension.





This sacred ritual will be great if you:


  • would like support to release old energies and emotional pain;

  • wish to initiate a deep cleanse, so as to clear your pathway for healing, empowerment & ascension.

  • are a sensitive soul, feeling easily impacted by other people’s energy, words or actions, and wish to feel lighter, more balanced, grounded and centred within yourself;

  • experience intense emotions or mental stress, and would like to feel lighter & calmer;

  • wish to purify your energies, especially to clear pain around karmic relationships;

  • feel Karmic ties & energetic hook-ins playing out in your life, and would like to release these and let go;


Wherever you are in the world, you can participate in this event from distance and receive the healing frequencies & channelled wisdom in your own home.

At the start of the Event, we will call your energy into our sacred healing temple. The energy will be running & working on you throughout the night. You can choose to tune into the healing frequencies as much or as little as you wish during this time. 

After the Event, you will receive the link to stream the video or download the mp3 recording. When you listen to the recording, it creates another energetic download for you. 




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Upon booking you will receive a confirmation email. 




I hope you feel drawn to join in!

Love & Blessings, 



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