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Blessed ones,

This month powerful spiritual forces are very present with us in support of our changes, foundation shifting, and the co-creation of a new reality.

Beautiful influxes of Light are filtering onto our planet, especially from the Archangelic & Angelic
realms. On November 11th, we’ll pass through the 11:11 gateway which is a powerful portal for
energetic renewal & Lightbody integration.

Are you feeling the nudge to ch...

Blessed ones,

I see that this October’s energy holds beautiful potentials to reclaim our drive & passion, so we can move forward with a greater sense of purpose.

If like me, you’ve been making internal changes in the past few months, then in October we’re being supported by the spiritual force to drive this forward with speed & ease. Transformation really is so close now!

One of the biggest areas we are being nudged to heal, in m...

Lovely one,

It has been a powerful few weeks. How have you been feeling?

Personally I find myself running much more healing on myself and others during this period. The cosmic energies including the eclipses, planetary retrogrades and Sirian Star portal are having a huge impact on us all. To top it off, we’re coming into a powerful planetary alignment on the 8th of August, called the ‘8-8 Lion’s Gate’. The energy is accelerating...

Lovely ones, 

Trust that you’re well and enjoying the energy of April! 

We’ve had very purifying energies from January through to March. I see that at the start of April we’re going into a rather deep soul cleanse & revitalisation, before transitioning to the new. The great thing is, we are definitely on the beautiful path of Spiritual Re-birth now! You might already see or sense that ‘Light’ on the horizon!

Energetic & Spiritual...

One of my favourite rituals at the start of a year is an Animal Magic Totem Reading. This year I had my personal reading completed at the sacred location of Glass House Mountains. Ahh I was so humbled by the exceptionally powerful experience, with thunder, rain & sunshine all passing through during my reading.

Lovely friends, do you love animal energies?

Personally I feel so blessed to have the amazing support from the Animal Ki...

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