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Transference Healing Crystalline Healing
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An ongoing healing support for your crystal child. Enjoy it in the comfort of your home.



For a recurring monthly payment of $35, you become a member of the Crystal Children Healing Portal. This gives you access to bonus healings, for your child to receive extra support on an ongoing basis.




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Monthly Child of Light Frequency Healing and Meditation


This heart-soothing Healing Event (Absentee) includes:


  • Child of Light Frequency Healing

Your child will be called in energetically to receive the Healing as part of the Group. This distant healing allows your child to receive the 5th dimensional healing Light in the comfort of their own home.


  • Channelled Feedback & Messages

I will give feedback on the healing, and channel any information that might come through for the Group. This will give clarity, and provide insight for their path. Children who come together in a group are often going through a similar healing journey. So the channelling feedback will be relevant for each individual child. The channelling will be recorded, and emailed to you shortly after the Event.


  • Soothing Meditation

This meditation assists your child’s rest or sleep, inspires their imagination, and attunes them to the higher frequencies for their well being, emotional and mental balance. Your child will receive the Meditation energetically on the night. The Meditation will also be recored, so you can play it to your child for them to consciously integrate the healing energy.

Monthly Sound Healing, infused with crystal & divine vibrations

A sound healing will be channelled specifically for your child as part of the group. This will be recorded and emailed to you every month, for your child to listen to any time.


Crystal children are very attuned to sound. Using sound as a medium, I hold a healing space for your child to be bathed in the divine Light & love. This will greatly support your child’s healing journey.


Additional Divine Messages or Healings.

Occasionally, as guided by the divine, I will share additional divine messages or healings relevant to your child at those times. This will be communicated to you through emails.

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Here’s how you can join the Portal and set up the monthly payment:


Set up a monthly bank transfer as a standing order to our account, for the payment to transfer out the first Friday of the month.

Please notify us once your payment is set up.


Our bank account details:


Name: Xiaoli Mai

Bank: Heritage Bank
Account no.: 13640186
BSB: 638 010



We understand life can happen and sometimes you might wish to cancel the membership. If you have any concerns, please speak with us first before the cancellation.


We try to be as flexible as we can to maintain good relationships with our service users and believe in being transparent about our way of working. Below is our general cancellation and refund policy:


  • If you wish to cancel within 7 days of the payment (first Friday of the month),  you will receive a full refund of your payment (less fee), and your cancellation is effective straightaway.


  • If your cancellation is after 7 days of the payment (first Friday of the month), the cancellation will be effective from the following month, and your payment for the current month is non-refundable, you’ll still receive the content for that month. This is due to the reason as below:


The healing cycle is a divine process: as soon as your payment is received,  the healing process starts and Light is filtering through for your child. Due to the energy input for that period of time, a refund does not honour the energy exchange happening, and therefore it is not available for that month.


Again, if you have any concerns, please speak with us first.

About Lily


Growing up as a very sensitive child, I went through an amazing journey to overcome my hyper-sensitivity, heal my heart, health & emotions, and make my re-connection to Spirit.

I understand how sometimes difficult or challenging it could be growing up without energetic support. In my adulthood, I was blessed with the support of Transference Healing, a 7th dimensional Frequency Healing & Ascension Modality to heal my Inner Child. I believe this modality is a gift to humanity. In particularly, the Child of Light Healing & Meditation are an incredible support to Crystal Children. I feel now it’s time for me to pass this gift on to other sensitive children, for them to have a happy & healthy life, for them to bring through their incredible gifts & talents and thrive here on Earth. 

(Read more about my journey here.)

Lily Transference Healing Practitioner
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