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2018: Completing with LOVE

Alchemical Meditation 





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Time & Location


when:   6:30 - 8:30pm, Wednesday 19th December


Tugun, Gold Coast  (address will be emailed with booking confirmation)








About this Event


Allowing a completion process of 2018, and coming back into your hearts' centre. To receive Divine Love and re-set, ready for 2019.


Be suspended in pure alchemy and a 7th dimensional frequency space, to balance, shift and uplift. Restore your peaceful heart. Embrace love, ease & joy for the creation of the new reality. 




In our final meditation evening for this year, we'll be honouring this year past, and allowing a beautiful energetic completion process, in a space of heart-centred love.

December and Christmas time is always associated with the ending of a calendar year. Energetically, it's a time of death and rebirth for us. As we consolidate and integrate all the lessons, experiences and wisdom from the previous 12 months.


In this meditation night, we'll be consciously attuning into our heart space, that infinite and centered space where all wisdom and healing is that we may end 2018 with ease and grace. Letting go and acknowledging all the experiences and lessons of the year, we allow ourselves to slow down, surrender and go within. As we dissolve what no longer serves us, and integrate our wisdom from the year, we allow an energetic death/rebirth process to initiate. That way we may enter 2019 feeling 're-set' and ready to take new action from a higher heart-centred consciousness.

The Animal Card reading for this month is also indicating that we are meant to transform and change rapidly, and with ease and grace. This means not getting stuck on the past, or allowing the mind to dwell on what has been...but rather, allowing a rapid purification and letting go, so that our new self, and higher frequencies can anchor in, propelling us upon the path of growth and ascension in our exciting new world.


This event is perfect if you:

  • Are feeling like you need to hit the re-set button, after a big year energetically for 2018;

  • Would like to come back into a heart space, where the stillness of the Universe, and Divine love resonates, so that you may allow a death/rebirth process over the Christmas holy period, in preparation for a new 2019;

  • Would like to receive unconditional love from the Spiritual Hierarchy so that you may come back into your heart and feel cleansed of all trials & challenges of the past 12 months.

On this night you will be participating in:


  • Alchemical guided meditations designed to create a rapid shift of consciousness, letting go of the old, for the new opportunities and energies of 2019 to anchor with more ease and grace;

  • Practical wisdom on how to more easily come into your heart space, and find your inner stillness, which creates feelings of peace, inner knowing and love.

Participate either In Person or Distant


Wish to join in, but can't make it in person? No problem! Join us from your location! 


Wherever you are in the world, you have the option to participate distantly and receive the healing frequencies & channelled wisdom at your own space & in your own time.



Whilst you are suspended in a 7th dimensional healing space, your energy is not limited by time or space. Therefore, participation to our Events distantly, i.e. anywhere in the world, is as powerful as being here in person. 



For Distant Participants: You will be called in energetically on the night to receive the healing frequencies & channelling filtered through during the LIVE event. An audio recording will be emailed to you after the Event. If you require a CD, this can be posted to you at a fee of $5.




I hope you feel drawn to join in!




* Why do we charge $35?

Why do we charge this amount? Our meditation events are more than just simple meditations, through our lineage of Transference Healing, we suspend all participants in a high frequency space, and channel through healing frequencies which help to shift, balance and uplift your body & consciousness. So it's a healing & meditation event!







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Upon booking you will receive a confirmation email. Further details will be emailed to you on Tuesday when the booking is finalised.


Limited spaces available. RSVP essential by Tuesday 18th December 2018. 



RSVP & Cancellation

Due to limited spaces, and the time & energy involved in creating this event, we would respectfully ask that all those who RSVP to attend, are committed to attending. If you need to cancel for any reason, please allow 24 hours notice, so that we can offer the spare space to another person on the waiting list. Thank you for your understanding.




Thank you!


Love & Blessings, Lily x







"I have had a one on one frequency healing with Lily, it was amazing how I felt after, so cleansed & light. 

I also love the monthly healing meditations they really moved the energy in my body very fast to heal me quicker.

Lily is a beautiful person & I love how she channels the energy for me to bring me to a state of peace.

I highly recommend Lily for a transference healing & to attend the meditation sessions xx"


Tracey Thompson. Tweed Head South




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