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Transference Healing Crystalline Healing


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ACCESSING INTER-DIMENSIONAL DOORWAYS                                                                                          



Join us either in person or absentee, as we journey through the many realms - from deep within the crystal core of Earth Gaia, to the heavenly realm of Angelic & Cosmic dimensions...


Through a series of alchemical meditations and stepping into our high-frequency, templated sacred space, you will be taken through inter-dimensional doorways to access different higher realms. To make a beautiful, heart-felt connection to Gaia's crystal core & crystalline grid, and the heavenly Angelic & Cosmic realms for Divine Healing, love, re-connection and encoding aspects of your Lightbody.

We will be working with 7th dimensional Light frequencies, crystals, sound, geometries and more. You will experience your Lightbody and Merkabah, which is the vehicle for inter-dimensional travel...allowing you to enter realms not usually accessible.





*Bookings by 16th March 2019*

CRYSTAL CHILDREN HEALING & MEDITATION - ABSENTEE                                                                                  

Next Event TBC       


This Healing Support Group is created specifically to help your Crystal Children. On a monthly basis, I will facilitate an Absentee Healing & Meditation night where I will run a healing & meditation on your child as part of the Group, to help clear their energy & any*Lightbody Symptoms  that might be manifesting.  Your child will feel more grounded, settled and centred in their body, emotions & mind.


This Event is conducted on an Absentee basis,  i.e. from your own location, your child will be called in energetically to join in.




CHILD OF LIGHT        -       1 DAY WORKSHOP                                                                                     

Date TBC          


Learn a set of simple yet effective healing techniques to sustain the beautiful frequency & pure hearts of your Crystal Children... Support your child's on-going physical & emotional Wellness & Balance... Heal the Inner Child in You...Open your beautiful & sensitive heart...


ANIMAL MAGIC        -       1 DAY WORKSHOP                                                                                         

Date TBC   


Embrace the Purifying & Protective Power of the Animal Kingdom for Healing, Purification & Empowerment.


Through this one-day workshop, you will get to connect with your Shaman within and call upon the power of the Animal Kingdom for purification, letting go of Karma, and clearing your pathway to encode Light


BEYOND DOORWAYS LEVEL 1   -   1 DAY WORKSHOP                                                                   

Date TBC      


Take your first step and Learn to run short procedures for self-healing & healing on loved ones.


This profound and transformational one day workshop will not only provide you with detailed information about the Earth and human changes, but will most importantly teach you a vital healing process that you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle, to help maintain the wellness of yourself, your family and friends READ MORE


FUNDAMENTAL TRAINING         -         3 DAYS                                                                                            

Date TBC        


'Healers heal Thyself...'

Learn the fundamental healing techniques to sustain your ongoing health & wellness, activate positive changes in your body, mind & soul, supporting your Spiritual Expansion & Empowerment. 

Feel the joy of healing yourself, family & loved ones whenever you need. 


In the three day Fundamental Training you will receive a profound and life-changing initiation into the Transference Healing® Diamond Pyramid of Light™ and will be energetically templated and gridded to begin to run the Transference Healing® process



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