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Transference Healing Crystalline Healing


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You will find a Transference Healing session relaxing, calming and heart-felt.


Transference Healing® does not diagnose a condition by analysing the symptom of the dis-ease, instead it takes a wholistic approach and looks deeply into the body - this includes many levels of your body: physical, emotional, electromagnetic and your Lightbody.


During your healing, I channel natural healing frequencies from the Earth and the Stars into your body. Following a set of healing procedures, I tune into the energetic make-up of your body and read it with psychic perception. Underlying causes of your imbalance will be identified, and relevant procedures will be run to release them from your body. 


The healing frequencies I channel create an alchemical change within your body. It is like subtle hormonal changes within your body which helps you release density and uplifts your whole vibration. 


During the healing, I utilise healing tools such as crystal, symbols, templates, sound, colours and prayers.


As Transference Healing® is a frequency healing, there is no physical contact during the healing. Both in-person and remote healing sessions are equally effective.


This healing method is suitable for all ages, conditions and illnesses. At this time it is recommended that everyone has a full Advanced Level Transference Healing® session every six weeks. For those who are struggling with their health, wellbeing or ascension process weekly or fortnightly healings are recommended until balance is achieved.


Transference Healing session will be especially amazing for you if you are experiencing health or Lightbody Symptoms, such as:


• are sick, feeling unwell or just not 100%, suffer from Lightbody symptoms

• want to change any aspect of your current reality,

• seek health, balance, happiness, peace, fulfilment,

• feel you are here for a higher purpose but haven't figured out what that is, or you seem blocked from achieving it,

• are working on your spiritual growth and ascension,

• or you are simply looking for answers and clarity,


Other common symptoms effectively treated by Transference Healing® are detailed HERE.


A One-to-One Transference Healing® session can take place either in person or absentee. 


Please read on HEALINGS page for more details. Or, click on CONTACT now to book your transformative healing experience!

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