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The Crystal Skulls

Special location for July - in the beautiful foothills of Mt Tamborine, Upper Coomera

This month we have a special event, as our beautiful friend Tam has kindly offered her home & space,

amongst the lush forest & nature, to host this meditation.

The crystals skulls hold the knowledge of our blueprint of physical creation.

They also hold lost wisdom of ancient times and our connection to the Earth & stars.

In Person or Absentee





Time & Location


9:30-11:30am(AEST), Sunday 21st July


Upper Coomera, Gold Coast 
(address will be emailed with booking confirmation)



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About this Event


Through this meditation event, we will be attuning through the crystal skulls to obtain healing through nature & her Elements, and have the opportunity to delve into the Nature Realms.


Through the Nature Kingdoms, we can also make a connection with the heart-based Pleiadian Elemental Beings. The Pleiadian dimensions hold the knowledge and wisdom of our human creation and are the DNA through which we came into form.


By working with the crystal skulls and Pleiadians, we can receive an infusion of Divine Love, healing from nature and upgrade in our frequency so that we can anchor more balance and wellness through our cellular structure and vibrational bodies.


Would you like to tap into the crystals for deep healing and nourishment?

Attend this meditation and receive a powerful shift in your vibration and allow a beautiful healing from the natural elements and crystals.


These meditation events help you to feel more relaxed, release old mental stress and build-up of mental pain, release old emotions and help you make a shift in your consciousness. Our participants always comment how much lighter, connected and revitalised they feel after each event. That's because we channel healing frequenciesthroughout to enable a powerful shift in consciousness and lift your vibration.


Location photos: in the beautiful foothills of Mt Tamborine, Upper Coomera

Why Crystal Skulls?

Crystal skulls are an amazing doorway into the creation process of our body, and the many parallel Light realms of the Universe. When we're connecting with the crystal skulls, we're tapping into the deepest dimension of our anatomy, and working with our blueprints. This is profound!

At the ancient time of Lemuria, the first humanoid form created is a crystal body. So by attuning to the crystal skulls through the Light technology of Transference Healing, we can tap into the deepest level of our anatomy, and filter healing into our DNA.

And of course, the crystal kingdom holds the vital key to purify and crystalline our body. With the intensity of Eclipse energy this month, you will find working with crystal skulls to be incredibly healing and revitalising. 

This Meditation Event would be great for you, if you:

  • wish to initiate a deep healing for your body, mind & soul;

  • would like to deepen your connection to higher realms of nature, crystal & elemental kingdoms, and receive healing & nourishment from them;

  • are drawn to connect with the parallel cosmic realms such as the Pleidian dimension; 

  • are feeling the intensity of the current Eclipse energy, and wish to calm your emotions & mind, and ground your energy into the new Earth.

  • love crystals, and wish to connect with the healing vibration & consciousness of crystals.​


On the day, we'll have a range of high-frequency crystal skulls for sale.

Participate either In Person or Distant


Wish to join in, but can't make it in person? No problem! Join us from your location! 


Wherever you are in the world, you have the option to participate distantly and receive the healing frequencies & channelled wisdom in your own space & in your own time.



Whilst you are suspended in a 7th dimensional healing space, your energy is not limited by time or space. Therefore, participation to our Events distantly, i.e. anywhere in the world, is as powerful as being here in person. 



For Distant Participants: You will be called in energetically on the night to receive the healing frequencies & channelling filtered through during the LIVE event. An audio recording will be emailed to you after the Event. If you require a CD, this can be posted to you at a fee of $5.




I hope you feel drawn to join in!








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Press 'Buy Now' button, fill out your details to pay via Paypal.

(Please note that you do not need a Paypal account in order to make payment via Paypal. Simply select 'Pay with Card' on the payment page.)







Upon booking you will receive a confirmation email with further details including address, timing etc.


Limited spaces available. RSVP essential by Saturday 20th July 2019. 



RSVP & Cancellation

Due to limited spaces, and the time & energy involved in creating this event, we would respectfully ask that all those who RSVP to attend, are committed to attending. If you need to cancel for any reason, please allow 24 hours notice, so that we can offer the spare space to another person on the waiting list. Thank you for your understanding.




Thank you!


Love & Blessings, Lily x







"I have had a one on one frequency healing with Lily, it was amazing how I felt after, so cleansed & light. 

I also love the monthly healing meditations they really moved the energy in my body very fast to heal me quicker.

Lily is a beautiful person & I love how she channels the energy for me to bring me to a state of peace.

I highly recommend Lily for a transference healing & to attend the meditation sessions xx"


Tracey Thompson. Tweed Head South





About Your Host

Lily & Andrew are international Transference Healing Practitioners and Teachers with over 9 years experience each, having recently completed the Level 3 Mystery School teachings in Italy. Transference Healing is a frequency healing modality that is effective and designed to empower all those who are touched by it.

It is their calling to help other spiritual seekers to find their path, receive profound and Divine healing and empower all aspects of their life.

Lily & Andrew host regular meditation evenings, mass healings, workshops and individual frequency healing sessions from their seaside location on the Gold Coast, QLD, Australia.

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