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Transference Healing Crystalline Healing
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Over the 11:11 Light portal, I'm excited to offer special Lightbody & Alchemical Healing with Angelic blessings sessions. These healing & blessings sessions will be available for 2 weeks only, starting from 10th November.

What is the 11:11 Light Portal?


It's a portal that opens from the higher Spiritual Realms on 11th November that allows the higher Spiritual Beings to transmit Light-codes and frequencies onto Earth and for humanity.


It supports a more rapid state of spiritual acceleration, healing and activation of your Lightbody & DNA, for those open and receptive to these blessings.


The 11:11 Gateway is an opportunity to be lifted into a higher vibration and feel the Divine Love and support with you at this time.


In my perception, this year's 11:11 portal opens a doorway specifically where the realms of Archangels and Angels can filter through and bless you with their light. 


Over the past week, the Angelic presences start filtering through my healing space. Their light and presence are so amazing!


I'm excited to offer you this special Healing & Angelic Blessings session, to transmit the Angels' light, support and blessings to you over this Light Portal.

Lightbody & Alchemical Healing + Angelic Blessings

A Personal Lightbody Healing session creates 'alchemy' in your body, which rapidly clears your energy and uplifts your vibration. As it works on many levels of your body especially your Lightbody, it makes you feel better physically, emotionally and energetically, sustaining your on-going health, wellness & balance.

During a healing session, 7th dimensional frequency of Light is channelled into your body directly from the higher Angelic, stellar realms and crystalline Earth kingdoms. This creates a divine healing & ascension acceleration for you. 


You will find a healing session full of Light, relaxing, nurturing and soulful. It touches the core of your imbalance and releases the old energies or emotions from your body. You will feel ‘lighter’ and clear, and things flow easier in your life.


As Transference Healing works with your Lightbody, the healing sessions create a rapid healing & ascension process for you. During the healing, you receive divine frequencies from the higher planes of existence, the Angels, Elementals, Cosmic being, Ascended Masters etc. Through that, you are making a divine connection to the Light as well as to your Higher Self. This greatly supports your ascension and the integration of your crystalline Lightbody.

Over this potent portal of 11:11, I will be transmitting the Angelic light and blessings to you during your healing session. 

The Angelic blessings and their message will be channelled especially for you, bringing clarity and insights for your journey. The Angels' light frequencies will activate your Angelic codes, and their unconditional love and support instilling faith, hope and courage for your path forward. 

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This Healing & Blessings session would be perfect to:

  • activate your Angelic light codes, allowing you to start embodying your Angelic self.

  • help you absorb the Angels' higher light frequencies and unconditional love, instilling faith and hope for your journey.

  • uplift your vibration with powerful alchemy, allowing you to absorb pure prana from nature, to restore and rejuvenate your whole being.

  • support you to 'be your wings' - be your Light now, to stand in your authentic self and shine your light, with the love & support from the Angelic realms. This is especially relevant for those who have an Angelic nature but find it challenging to shine their light & full potential. 

  • receive the blessings and a special message from the Angelic realm, channelled especially for you, sharing clarity and support to your journey.

A Lightbody Healing & Angelic Blessings session takes 1.5 hours, and can be either In Person or Absentee.


In Person session includes:


  • An Advanced-Level Transference frequency healing

  • Channelled Reading & Sacred Guidance

  • Angelic blessings and message

  • Crystal Lightbody essence


Absentee session includes:

(Absentee: i.e. distance healing where you will be called in energetically for the healing. You will receive the healing in the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world.)


  • An Advanced Level Transference frequency healing

  • Telephone call with Channelled Reading & Sacred Guidance, Angelic blessings and message. Or email with mp3 recording of the Reading

  • Crystal Lightbody essence by post


I hope you feel drawn to receive this unique session!

Click on the button to pre-book now and I'll be in touch to arrange a mutually convenient date for you.


Love & Blessings,


Price: $180


Our sacred healing space by the ocean - supported by the elements of nature



Press the above button, to pay by credit/debit card.

Upon receipt of your payment, I'll email you to schedule a suitable date and time for your healing.



Wish to learn more before booking your healing?

Schedule a 20-min Discovery Call with Lily HERE


Phone: ring or text Lily on 0402 177 436



We’d love to share that there is a divine process initiated as soon as you book your appointment and payment is received. From there, the healing process starts and Light is filtering through for you.


For that reason, we highly recommend that the healing appointment is honoured and you do your best to attend the session as scheduled.


However,  we understand life can happen and sometimes you might have to re-schedule or cancel the appointment. If you have any concerns, please speak with us first.


Below is our general change, cancellation and refund policy:


  • if you wish to re-schedule your appointment, please allow at least 24 hours of notice before the session commences.


  • If you wish to cancel within 24-hours of the payment,  you will receive a full refund of your payment, less any fee incurred by us.


  • If your cancellation is after 24-hours of the payment,  refund is not available, however, you can transfer the payment towards our other service or products. This is due to the reason as explained above: as there is energy input during the period between your booking and the healing session.


Again, if you have any concerns, please speak with us first. Thank you for your understanding.

LOVE from my Clients

I couldn’t thank Lily enough I have had ongoing emotional problems, mental issues and energy trauma for a few years. It really blowed up lately and I new I had to do something about it. I didn’t know where to look or go for help as I have had unsatisfied results with physiologists and other treatments. I came across Lily and called her. From the moment I called her before booking the appointment with her she was happy to help me. I have now had 2 sessions with Lily and I have already noticed a massive improvement in my mood, energy and emotional traumas. I couldn’t recommend her more highly as I know seeing Lily I am on my way to true happiness and a life of light.

Brooke Stone, Gold Coast



Here at Crystalline Helaing I facilitate Healing and Ascension via the modality of Transference Healing®.


To read more about this healing modality, please click the links below: 


What is Transference Healing®

How Transference works and helps you

Fundamentally, the best way to comprehend this healing’s power & its essence, is to experience it. 

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