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Do you wish to to experience the Buddha state of Absolute Peace, Love & Compassion?

Would you like to heal your hearts & emotions, and feel more Forgiveness, Joy

& Gratitude in your life?

Do you feel stressed in your body & mind at times, and would like to feel balanced,

centred and full of Light?




Through a series of guided meditations we help you to make a divine connection to Buddha, and experience in your body & hearts the evolved emotions of Peace, Love & Compassion.

We will honour & connect up to Buddha's healing frequencies and his consciousness. As we know, Buddha through his lifetime, attained the state of 'Enlightenment'. So we will also be sharing intriguing facts about Buddha and his journey, and sharing insights on 'Enlightenment'.

This Meditation Event would be great for you, if you:

  • feel emotional overwhelm at times, and wish to feel more At Peace, Calm & Grounded;

  • wish to heal your heart & emotions, and to experience more Love, Forgiveness, Joy & Gratitude in your life;

  • feel stressed in your body & mind, and would like to feel balanced, centred and full of Light;

  • would like to deepen your soul's connection to Buddha and feel the blessings he brings through for your healing & ascension.

I hope you feel drawn to join in!




Email: please click link  to reserve your spot via email  BOOK NOW

Phone: please ring Lily on 0402 177 436



Upon booking you will receive a confirmation email. Location and address details will be emailed to you closer to the event. 



Limited spaces available. RSVP essential by Wednesday 24 May 2017


Thank you!

Love & Blessings

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