A Time of Transition - April Energy Insight

Lovely ones,

Trust that you’re well and enjoying the energy of April!

We’ve had very purifying energies from January through to March. I see that at the start of April we’re going into a rather deep soul cleanse & revitalisation, before transitioning to the new. The great thing is, we are definitely on the beautiful path of Spiritual Re-birth now! You might already see or sense that ‘Light’ on the horizon!

Energetic & Spiritual Re-birth:

Right now we’re at the point of a powerful spiritual transformation, standing right between the ‘darkness’ and the ‘light’.

At this time, some of us might be feeling a bit tired, and need rest; some of us are feeling the overwhelm in our emotions or mind - intense feelings or past memories might be surfacing, and we might want more peace & calmness.

These are all signs that the internal transformation is taking place! Trust that all is good…!

Just like how the little caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly: it has to be in that cocoon first, courageously making lots of changes, unafraid of the unknown, to soon emerge as a graceful butterfly! So for us, our outer world might present challenges right now, but let’s be that caterpillar - be still, be patient, step into the unknown, and let the changes happen from within. The more we can surrender, the bigger the reward!

Deep Soul Revitalisation

Whilst we’re transitioning like the caterpillar in the cocoon, there’re so much alchemical changes happening in our body, mind & emotions - powerful internal transformation! The Universe is prompting us to shed the older layers - old energies, old emotions, past painful memories or stressful thoughts, so we can shift our entire system, mind & soul to a completely new frequency!

It’s such an amazing & transformative process. I call this time our Deep Soul Revitalisation!

This is happening so we can make room for the new. A new aspect of the self is birthing - one that is freedom, expansion & soul authenticity. Right now it’s that time of ‘just before dawn’.

So how do we maximise this month’s transformative energy while soaring above challenges that might hinder our growth? I’d love to share a few suggestions:

Tip 1 - Practise ‘Mindfulness’

Clarity is power. When we have the gift of ‘seeing’ and ‘knowing’, things become a lot easier.

So practise being mindful of limiting emotions or thoughts when they’re welling up. For example, when you feel frustration or anger is rising up in your chest, just watch them and have a knowing that they are there.

The next step is, recognise that these emotions or thoughts are just old energies coming up to be healed, what you’re feeling right now is NOT the True You. These energies come up because the Universe is nudging you to heal them and move forward with lightness. Hold that inner knowing, and let these energies pass through you.

Tip 2 - Be Compassionate Towards Yourself. Put Yourself First.

Some old emotions surfacing can be so painful that they can bring up unloving feelings or thoughts towards ourselves. This is a vital point where we need to turn towards ourselves instead. Rather than beating yourself up for feeling frustrated or angry, practise being compassionate towards yourself. Know that you’re on an incredible journey of learning & growth, and that by not reacting to the energies you’re feeling, you’re helping these old layers to release to the Light.

Give yourself a big hug for doing so well, unafraid of feeling & letting go of the old!

At this time, it’s very good to reserve your energy and put the focus on yourself more.Be gentle with and take good care of yourself - your body, mind & soul. For example, set some quiet time for yourself, go into deep relaxation or meditation, read a good spiritual book, or spend time in nature - do practices that really feed your soul.

If possible, do your best to disconnect from circumstances or people that might be draining your energy. Your Spiritual Re-birth is more important.