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August Energy

Lovely one,

It has been a powerful few weeks. How have you been feeling?

Personally I find myself running much more healing on myself and others during this period. The cosmic energies including the eclipses, planetary retrogrades and Sirian Star portal are having a huge impact on us all. To top it off, we’re coming into a powerful planetary alignment on the 8th of August, called the ‘8-8 Lion’s Gate’. The energy is accelerating!

At this time, if you’re feeling the intensity, please be assured that your feelings are normal, and all is for your highest good♥.

Your physical symptoms, intense emotions or mental stress are all signs that a deep healing process is happening.

These symptoms can be:

  • headaches, back pain and low immune function;

  • build-up of energies around Solar Plexus chakra and stomach area;

  • Situations or relationship issues playing out, bringing up emotional pain, anxiety or mental overwhelm;

  • Vivid dreams, with past memories surfacing & bringing up old hurts.

When you experience a deep healing, you’re being taken to the very ‘core’ of things. Old wounds such as a lack of self-love, self-worth, faith, feelings of disconnection, abandonment or restriction - wounds that have been limiting us from growth, are now coming up to the surface. This is so you can heal, cleanse & renew.

"Only in the darkness,

can you see the stars."

As Martin Luther King rightly said: 'only through the darkness, can we see the stars'. When we can nurture this seemingly challenging time into growth opportunity, we can evolve, heal & expand into a brand new sense of self, embracing Light, inner peace, love & balance.

It really is such a powerful time!

So what can we do to navigate through this powerful time of healing? Here are some suggestions:

Set Your Intent with the Universe

It’s such a potent time of healing & growth! Just as our feelings/emotions are amplified, the opportunity to heal is also being amplified. Focus your intent on the potential of healing & growth, rather than being caught up in the limitations will be very beneficial for you.

Carry out exercises to set your intent with the Universe, such as affirmations in the morning. For example, saying ‘Universe, I’m willing to let go of…(e.g. lack of self-love).’ And repeat it several times (I usually do a 7-times sequence).

If you’re not fully aware of what your old wound is, that’s OK - just set the intent to release this old wound, you’ll be surprised to find that clarity comes your way much quicker.

Suspend Yourself in the Light

I know when things are feeling intense, it almost feels doubly difficult to lift yourself up energetically. However, this actually is the most powerful point of healing.

At this time, when you can run a healing, meditate or receive healing support, the Universe responds so beautifully and things just shift very rapidly.

So if you’re feeling the depth of your symptoms or emotions, try as much as possible to keep up with your spiritual practice. Healing that works with the Lightbody, such as Transference Healing and purification rituals are especially powerful for you right now.

Meditate over Your Solar Plexus Chakra

The infusion of stellar Light creates a powerful purification over our Solar Plexus chakra and our mental body. The below meditation can assist you when you feel built-up energies over your Solar Plexus chakra and stomach area, as well as feeling mentally overwhelmed.

To prepare, have a candle or tea light on. If possible, place a clear quartz crystal next to the candle.

  • Feel into your Solar Plexus chakra, situated at the centre of your stomach area. Sense any density, discomfort or built-up energies in or around this chakra, including the surrounding organs.

  • Feel this chakra spinning like a wheel, emanating a spiral of pure White Light. Feel this White Light purify your Solar Plexus chakra, releasing any dense energies. Continue until this chakra & the surrounding organs are radiating in pure Light.

  • Feel golden yellow Light emanating from this chakra. Continue until this chakra & the surrounding organs are radiating in golden yellow Light.

  • Visualise a ball of pure White Light rising from the Earth, travelling up your body & aura, until every cell of your being is being engulfed and purified by this Light. Feeling light, pure & centred.

Carry out this meditation for as long as you feel guided. At the end of this exercise, you should feel lighter, calmer, and less pressure in your Solar Plexus chakra and stomach area.

Keep Your Faith High

When we’re feeling the release of our old wounds, painful emotions can come up, such as agitation, fear, anger or grief. It can feel as if we did something wrong.

This is a vital point where we need to re-assure ourselves that all is in divine order. We’re going through an incredible time of awakening, and right now we’re at the point of deep healing. Our spirit knows that we can do it! Through this journey, we’ll feel much lighter soon, and embrace the positive shift for our highest good!

Be extra gentle & compassionate towards yourself. Rest well. Surround yourself with high frequency practices, books or natural elements, and resource yourself with Light, hope & love.

Sending love & blessings for a powerful month!

Lily x

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