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November Energy

Blessed ones,

This month powerful spiritual forces are very present with us in support of our changes, foundation shifting, and the co-creation of a new reality.

Beautiful influxes of Light are filtering onto our planet, especially from the Archangelic & Angelic realms. On November 11th, we’ll pass through the 11:11 gateway which is a powerful portal for energetic renewal & Lightbody integration.

Are you feeling the nudge to change & re-new?

At this time, the nudge from the Universe to re-new is felt in many facets of our life.

Some of us might have physical symptoms manifesting such as colds, immune symptoms or structural issues, especially neck & back pain.

Some of us are feeling the desire to make adjustments in our life. For example, you might:

• start wondering if you could be in a work or career that brings you more joy; • want to move home, to a new location or a new place where you feel much more connected to Mother Earth; • want to make changes to your lifestyle, for example, to start the day with a stroll in nature, or feed yourself more healthy food; • feel your relationships with friends & family are changing, for example, now you’d much prefer to spend time with like-minded enlightened souls, rather than people who drain your energy; • want to develop a new talent that fulfils your Soul; • wonder if there’s another way in life, other than stress or struggle, and your perspective in life is changing.

These are all signs that the new is birthing. A rapid energetic upgrade is being activated within us, prompting us to transform from within, and out in our reality.

In a bigger picture, our journey is an integral part of Earth’s ascension process. We’re co-creating the new 5th dimensional Golden Age on Earth right now!

Powerful Presence of the Angelic Realm

The great news is, while all these are happening, you’re being supported by some powerful spiritual forces this month, especially from the Archangelic & Angelic Realms. The Archangels and Angels are making their presence felt, watching over and assisting our transformation.

On November 11th, we’ll be passing through the 11:11 gateway, soon followed by 12:12 on December 12th. Both these are powerful portals to make a rapid shift in our energy and our Lightbody. Magic is in the Air!

So now is a very good time to do the energy work that is needed, initiate action on your internal change, and bring your reality to a brand new horizon.

Maximise the Potential of November

So how do you go about maximising these beautiful energies of November for your growth & transformation? I have a few tips to share with you:

Tip 1: Embrace Changes through Raising Your Energy

I know at times, making changes can feel like moving a mountain. Because any changes we initiate impact us internally - at all levels in our body, mind & emotions.

For example, making changes in our relationships can feel uncomfortable in our emotions. This process might bring up feelings of insecurity and feeling unloved. Changing careers, for another instance, is so exciting, however it might trigger fears or doubts.

At this point, raising your energy to sustain consistent, internal balance is the key. When you feel more healed & lighter inside, you are then less ‘weighed down’, and have more energy to take progressive steps. Also when your vibration is sustained at a higher level, you can connect to your Soul easily, and hear its voice more clearly.

I’d highly recommend to keep up with your spiritual practices and consistently raise your energy during this time.

Personally I work a lot with the ‘Fire’ element and find it very powerful energetically right now. The ‘Fire’ practices include Fire rituals such as the Transference Healing ‘Circle of Fire’, purification ritual including smudging with sage or resin, spraying cleansing mist around the space etc.

Tip 2: Focus on Your Soul’s Bigger Picture

When you’re feeling the internal nudges to make positive changes, that’s your Soul communicating to you. It’s beneficial to keep attuning to this voice, and allow that to guide you. Jotting down notes, putting together images, for instance, to let your Soul show you a clear picture of its deepest desire. That could be a Vision Board, or journal to help visualise and articulate your Soul’s deepest desires.

When you can keep aligning to your Soul’s expanded vision, it also eases resistance, doubts or fears the might come up as part of that change process.

For example, when you’re in the process of career change, and the feelings of insecurity crop up, staying focused on your higher reality can ease old feelings of insecurity or doubt. Your Soul’s bigger picture can uplift your mind to see beyond the current limitations, and rise above challenges.

Tip 3: Receive Guidance & Support from the Archangels & Angels

The presence of the Archangels and Angels are very close right now! Trust that you have their support and guidance to shift and build new foundations.

You might want to set a beautiful altar to honour them, for example. I personally enjoy prayers and affirmations to them each morning. Asking for their guidance and hearing their messages are a wonderful way to start a productive day.

Sending love & blessings for a light-filled month!

Lily x

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