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Year 2021 Energy Forecast

Dear ones,

What does the Year 2021 hold for you?

In this forecast, I’d love to share my insights with you. These insights can be your compass to help navigate through this year with more clarity and ease.

In my perception, this year 2021 is a year of Transformation, both for us and our planet.

The 5th dimensional New Earth is anchoring now, prompting us to shift our energy rapidly so as to ground in the new vibration.

There are a couple of key themes running throughout this year.


What we focus on, will expand.

In this New Earth vibration, things manifest more quickly than before. It means, what we put our focus on, will expand.

For example, when you focus on LOVE, it feeds you and helps create things from this high vibration; whilst if you take actions from the space of lack or fear, these also expand quickly.

So, be more aware of where you focus your energy, and on what basis you speak and take action. Is it out of love, or out of fear? Because that is going to make a huge difference this year.


As the Earth enters the time of the New Aquarian Age, ‘Unity’ becomes an important theme.

We’re being prompted to look at how we connect with one another. Is there unresolved pain in relationships that we need to heal and let go?

Know that in every relationship, you have the choice.

In the moment, if you choose love, therefore not to react but have the courage to forgive and dissolve conflicts, it births harmony, understanding and love.

However, if reacting, snapping, or turning your back is the choice, then separation and ongoing pain still linger.

We’re meant to connect with each other in a higher vibration now.

Finding the common ground, deeper understanding, cooperation and working in unity will align your reality in flow with our New Earth.

This not only clears karma and breathes ease & flow in your life, but also helps create a more harmonious planet. It will also transform the consciousness of conflict playing out for some countries.

Unity Consciousness will benefit us and many generations to come. We’re the ones who’re setting up and leading this new paradigm now.

Heart Chakra

In this year ahead, our heart chakra will be triggered to release chunks of unresolved pain.

This is necessary so that we can be purified to align to the Light.

The new Earth is forming. It’s like we’re being nudged to get on a whole new platform. The key is to stay very open to the changes. These changes will first ripple internally, through our heart chakra and our energetic body.

For example, when situations are pushing you to resolve pain, be courageous to embrace it. It’s through the purification of that pain that we get out of the vicious cycle of struggle and welcome the new ease and flow.

Another example is that there will be turning points in your life where you’re prompted to take a new direction. Do your best to make your decision from a hearty space of love & joy, rather than from the old survival needs.

If you struggle to shift your vibration to the frequency of LOVE, receiving a Personal Alchemical Healing session will greatly support you. It helps you to have the energy & clarity to dissolve the old pain, and embrace the lightness, love & joy in your body and your reality.

Understand that life is not meant to be a challenge. It’s only a challenge when you resist the change. When you align with the ever-changing flow of life, you’re riding the waves. Things become effortless.

So, how can we stay in alignment with the Universal flow this year?

There are a few keys:

Key 1. Stay flexible

Change and Transformation are the theme for this year 2021. So the ability to remain flexible and adapt to the new is very important.

If you allow changes that are seemingly uncomfortable, this will take you to a very expansive new reality.

Imagine yourself flowing down the river. There will be rough patches along the way. If you hit a rock and decide to hang on, afraid to flow further, you’re stuck there. Whilst if you trust and allow the water to take you, it might feel scary to start, but soon it’ll take you to a much better place.

Stay very flexible and fluid in this river of life.

Key 2. Keep grounding and stay connected to the Earth

Stay very connected to the Earth, feel your feet on her soil.

In this space of connectedness, energetic changes can ripple through your with more ease.

Draw on Mother Earth’s energetic support for your year ahead. Know that in this new world, you’re not doing everything on your own. Allow Mother Earth to support you and hold you. Allow Spirit to guide you along the way.

Key 3. Make a choice in every moment

In every moment, ask yourself: do I do this out of love, or out of fear?

This choice will lead to very different realities for you.

To expand the energy of love, try to embrace it more in each area of your life.

That is, love for yourself, practise more self care. Love for the animals. Love for people around you - your partners, friends, relationships.

Expand that energy of Love, and spread the love.

Know that in every moment you have the choice.

Key 4. Start the year in a high vibration

There is a saying: ‘A good start is half the job done.’

It’s very true.

But I’d like to add to that: a good start begins with our vibration, emotion and mindset. Simply speaking, when we first set a strong inner starting point, this will ripple powerfully into our outer reality.

Right now, the New Earth is still anchoring. For us, we’re also in a transitional stage, recalibrating and birthing the new.

For many of you, it might be feeling like a slow start as there was a deep purification and cleansing of global and personal energies over the past few weeks. You may be feeling uncertain, a bit low in energy or unsure of how the New Year is going to play out.

If you are struggling to 'get started' or are feeling a bit heavy, blocked, lethargic or in need of a body/mind reset, then I invite you to book a healing session this month with me.

This will greatly support you in your energetic re-birth, allowing your year to start on a ‘high’.

Dear ones, I hope this Forecast will help you navigate through this year's energy with so much more clarity and grace!

If you want to stay tuned to the energy at play throughout this year, subscribe to my newsletter where I share monthly energy forecasts. Scroll down to the bottom of this page, and fill out your details. (You will also receive a soothing healing meditation as your welcome gift:)

Blessings for a beautiful & soul-fulfilling year 2021!


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