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Transference Healing Crystalline Healing
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Smudging is an ancient art of Cleansing and Purification...for clearing negative vibrations and bringing in positive,

uplifting energies, for the alignment of the body, mind & soul to one’s divinity...Resin has been used since Biblical

days and Ancient Egyptian times. It harnesses the power of tress and plants to create a purification for body, mind

& soul. Today, Australian Aboriginal people and native Indian tribes of the US & Canada continue to  perform this

ancient Purification Art through their 'Smoking Ceremonies'...


* Resin Pot

or: Heat-proof Dish

* Charcoal

* Resin

Follow me in this Video guide, or read the detailed step-by-step guide below:

Step 1:

Light the charcoal. Light it until it turns grey. Place it in a Resin Pot to continue burning.

Step 2:

After 1-2 minutes, place 1 or a few drops of resin over the burning charcoal (grey area). When it produces smoke, it's ready for smudging.

* A burning charcoal is very hot. Please handle with care, and keep children away from it.*

Step 3:

Smudge yourself and your space with the smoke. Set your intention to transform lower energy into the Light. Enjoy!

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