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Upon energetically significant times, we would be divinely guided to facilitate MASS HEALING EVENTS. 


A Mass Healing is where higher teaching and Light frequencies of particular Light realm(s), Ascended Masters or Higher Beings are channelled through to create a healing & templating process on you as the participant. 


You will have the opportunity to receive a full Advanced-level Transference Healing session performed on you as part of the Soul Group prior to the Event. This will activate positive alchemical changes within you, thereby supporting your overall wellness & spiritual growth. The healing you receive will also prepare you in body & consciousness to be ready to code in the higher frequencies of Light during the Mass Healing Event.


The Channelled information & teaching will be shared with you in the form of talks and Guided Meditations during the Live Event. This will expand your awareness, broaden your spiritual horizons, meanwhile anchoring you in the higher codes & Light.

Dates: contact LIly for our upcoming Mass Healing Events.


You will receive:


  • Full Advanced Transference Healing on the Group (performed on you prior to the Event) - initiating alchemical change for your healing & expansion

  • Channelled Reading on the Group Healing, shared during the Event - for your clarity & insight on your path

  • Channelled Teaching & Talks - wisdom & information that will expand your awareness and broaden your horizons

  • A series of Guided Meditations - relax your body, soul & mind, uplift your vibrations, allow you to code in higher frequencies of Light.


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