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Blessed ones,

This month powerful spiritual forces are very present with us in support of our changes, foundation shifting, and the co-creation of a new reality.

Beautiful influxes of Light are filtering onto our planet, especially from the Archangelic & Angelic

Like the opening of a lotus flower…

your sensitive heart is a gift. 

Blessed ones,

Are you a highly sensitive soul? Do you feel…:

  • a sense of not belonging or even ‘alienated’ at times, because the world around you is too busy and overwhelming;

  • more comfortable in...

Blessed ones,

I see that this October’s energy holds beautiful potentials to reclaim our drive & passion, so we can move forward with a greater sense of purpose.

If like me, you’ve been making internal changes in the past few months, then in October we’re being supported...

Lovely one,

It has been a powerful few weeks. How have you been feeling?

Personally I find myself running much more healing on myself and others during this period. The cosmic energies including the eclipses, planetary retrogrades and Sirian Star portal are having a huge...

Lovely ones, 

Trust that you’re well and enjoying the energy of April! 

We’ve had very purifying energies from January through to March. I see that at the start of April we’re going into a rather deep soul cleanse & revitalisation, before transitioning to the new. The gr...

One of my favourite rituals at the start of a year is an Animal Magic Totem Reading. This year I had my personal reading completed at the sacred location of Glass House Mountains. Ahh I was so humbled by the exceptionally powerful experience, with thunder, rain & sunsh...

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