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Transference Healing Crystalline Healing
Sacred Healing Space

Do you want to fill your home environment with the vibration of Love, Light & Joy? Would you like to bring the crystalline Light frequency into your home?

I am now offering this very unique package of Home Healing to help you uplift your environment and encourage a beautiful flow of Light in your space.

I will start this 2 - 2.5 hour healing with a Sacred Circle of Fire ritual to clear & release lower energies & any negativity. This ritual calls upon the protective power of Animals, Elementals and Mythical Beings and channels their frequencies to clear lower astral energies and any negativity within your living environment. The powerful energies also clear webbing and karmic ties happening within your environment that may be depleting you and your family. 

I will then facilitate a Full Advanced-Level Transference Healing® on your home, which will filter through beautiful crystalline Earth & Stellar Light frequencies into your space. The healing will uplift the whole vibration of your home, and help your space to assimilate beautiful & divine frequencies to encourage positive feelings, bringing in Joy, Love, and Light.

After the Ritual & Full Healing, I will share the channelled reading so you get a bigger picture of the healing process. I will finish the session with tips on how set up a beautiful home environment with positive flow utilising crystals, ornaments and high frequency items. This will support you and your home environment to sustain an on-going lightness & balance. 

And why not take a step further, enhance your home healing with sacred crystal creations from my store Crystalline Living. 

A Sacred Healing® for your Home is facilitated distantly. It takes 2-2.5 hours and includes:

* Sacred Circle of Fire ritual & healing

* Full Advanced Level Transference frequency healing

* Channelled Reading & Sacred Guidance

* Practical tips on how to create a high frequency home environment

* Crystal Lightbody essence for your home by post

Price: $333


(Distant Healing & Cleansing)

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Upon receipt of your payment, I'll be in touch to schedule a suitable date and time for your healing.

Contact Lily if you would like more information about this healing:

Phone: ring or text Lily on 0402 177 436

Email: email Lily HERE


"As a Transference Healer myself, I would like to share the magical journey that Lily has taken me through with her amazing Meditations and this Crystalline Healing space has assisted me to further my own journey of Ascension,  leading up to Mystery School One - for which I am profoundly grateful.


I have recommended Lily to many of my Spiritual friends with confidence.  


My life is full of Lightness and Love resulting in so many wonderfully magical moments, which I wish to pass on to others."


Thank you Lily."

Dianne Elizabeth Benadretti, Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast

Transference Healing Explained

Here at Crystalline Helaing I facilitate Healing and Ascension via the modality of Transference Healing®.


To read more about this healing modality, please click the links below: 


What is Transference Healing®

How Transference works and helps you

Fundamentally, the best way to comprehend this healing’s power & its essence, is to experience it. 

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