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Transference Healing Crystalline Healing


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Do you know that you are not your pain & struggles? And that you can heal, feel well & be full of Light?


Do you know that you can follow your dreams, make positive changes in your life, and not feel limited by your circumstances, all through the incredible energetic changes from within you?


Do you know that you are never alone, and you can access all the beautiful support from the Light to live in Joy, Love & Peace?


Through the powerful frequency healing, I support you to heal at the core, and you will feel wellness, connectedness & lightness like never before. Let me take you through this journey…

It is my honour to offer the following healings in support of  you to rediscover your True Self, to rediscover your Divine Light within.:  (click on links below to explore each healing)


Here at Crystalline Healing I facilitate Healing and Ascension via the modality of Transference Healing®.


To read more about this healing modality, please click the links below: 


What is Transference Healing®

How Transference works and helps you

Fundamentally, the best way to comprehend this healing’s power & its essence, is to experience it. 

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