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Transference Healing Crystalline Healing
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Soothing & Gentle Healing & Meditation to support your crystal child. Enjoy it in the comfort of your home.






when:   7-8:30pm (AEST Brisbane time), Friday 27th August





$35 per child



About This Event


Is your child sensitive in their body, emotions & mind? Do they feel unsettled, sleepless or even anxious at times? 

Do they have physical symptoms such as allergies, respiratory discomfort, dizziness that you feel a natural healing method would benefit them?


If so, your child is likely to be what we call *Crystal Children*. They are born with a much higher frequency, i.e. of the 5th dimensional energetic template. And they can suffer from what we call *Lightbody Symptoms, being impacted by the Earth changes or even other peoples’ energy around them. Therefore your child needs our support to sustain their energetic system, to grow up healthy, happy, feeling belonged, and to blossom here on Earth. 


Read more on *Crystal Children here.

This Monthly Healing & Meditation event is created specifically to support your Crystal Children. On a monthly basis, I will facilitate an Absentee Healing & Meditation night where I will run a healing & meditation on your child as part of the Group, to help clear their energy & any *Lightbody Symptoms that might be manifesting.
This Healing also uplifts your child’s vibrations, and anchors them in the 5th dimensional Earth Crystal Grid. Your child will feel more grounded, settled and centred in their body, emotions & mind.

This Event is conducted on an Absentee basis,  i.e. from your own location, your child will be called in energetically to join in, receive the Healing & Meditation as part of the Group. During the Event, your child can participate as much or as little as they wish. And they can rest, play or study as usual. 

This healing helps your child to feel more grounded, settled and centred
in their body, emotions and mind.

This heart-soothing Healing & Meditation Event (Absentee) includes:


  • Child of Light Frequency Healing

Your child will be called in energetically to receive the Healing as part of the Group. This distant healing allows your child to receive the 5th dimensional healing Light in the comfort of their own home.

Learn more about Absentee Healing here


  • Channelled Feedback & Messages

I will give feedback on the healing, and channel any information that might come through for the Group. This will give clarity, and provide insight for their path. Children who come together in a group are often going through a similar healing journey. So the channelling feedback will be relevant for each individual child. The channelling will be recorded, and emailed to you shortly after the Event.


  • Soothing Meditation

This meditation assists your child’s rest or sleep, inspires their imagination, and attunes them to the higher frequencies for their well being, emotional and mental balance. Your child will receive the Meditation energetically on the night. The Meditation will also be recored, so you can play it to your child for them to consciously integrate the healing energy.




I hope you feel drawn for your child to be part of this amazing journey!


Love & Blessings, Lily x




Online: click 'Book Now' button to book and make payment.


Phone: ring Lily on 0402 177 436


Upon booking you will receive a confirmation email with further details. An audio recording will be emailed to you shortly after the Event. If you require a CD, this can be posted to you at a fee of $5.


RSVP essential by Thursday 26th August. 

About Lily


Growing up as a very sensitive child, I went through an amazing journey to overcome my hyper-sensitivity, heal my heart, health & emotions, and make my re-connection to Spirit.

I understand how sometimes difficult or challenging it could be growing up without energetic support. In my adulthood, I was blessed with the support of Transference Healing, a 7th dimensional Frequency Healing & Ascension Modality to heal my Inner Child. I believe this modality is a gift to humanity. In particularly, the Child of Light Healing & Meditation are an incredible support to Crystal Children. I feel now it’s time for me to pass this gift on to other sensitive children, for them to have a happy & healthy life, for them to bring through their incredible gifts & talents and thrive here on Earth. 

(Read more about my journey here.)

Lily Transference Healing Practitioner

* Absentee Healing


Whilst your child is suspended in a 7th dimensional healing space, their energy is not limited by time or space. Therefore, participation to our Events distantly, i.e. anywhere in the world, is as powerful as being here in person. 


When they join in for our Absentee Crystal Children Healing & Meditation, your child will receive the healing frequencies & energetic support in the comfort of their own home. After the Event, when they can listen back to the Healing Meditation, it will further help soothe their mind & emotions, and allow them to integrate the healing consciously.




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If your child has ongoing symptoms:


consider booking in for Personal Alchemical Healing


About Lily - my journey 

Absentee Healing
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