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Embrace Your Gift as a Highly Sensitive Soul

Like the opening of a lotus flower…

your sensitive heart is a gift.

Blessed ones,

Are you a highly sensitive soul? Do you feel…:

  • a sense of not belonging or even ‘alienated’ at times, because the world around you is too busy and overwhelming;

  • more comfortable in your own home or in nature, than in a crowded restaurant;

  • so empathetic to your loved ones, and often feel you’re taking on their emotions;

  • energetically drained after talking to someone when they’re having a bad day;

  • ungrounded at times as the Earth is changing.

Then, you have this beautiful gift of sensitivity.

Your sensitivity is a gift, not a weakness…

Your sensitivity might feel like a difficult thing to live with, and it is often misunderstood by others.

People think you’re particular - it always takes you ages to decide which restaurant to go into, because you’re checking which one has better energy. Your family & friends think you’re anti-social - you prefer a quiet time with your crystals, than hanging out with them. You’re different. In a world full of uniformity, your particular way of being and your perceptions are strange to other people. Your sensitivity is often perceived as your ‘weakness’, and others around you might even ask you to ‘toughen up’. At other times it can feel like you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, and do all the ‘feeling’ for the entire world.

However, what other people can’t see is that your sensitivity is a real gift.

Sensitivity is a gift of the Divine Feminine, though it has been long forgotten…

The lost teaching of the Goddess and the Divine Feminine are returning to our Earth. The Feminine Principle and the power of sensitivity have been forgotten since Lemuria, the Golden Age that once existed on Earth. At that time, we were all beautifully sensitive and connected to everything and all the elements around us.

In our modern world, we have become largely disconnected from the Feminine aspects. However, this is now healing as we all come into more balance with our feminine and masculine parts.

Many Ascended Masters in their incarnation on Earth, held unique sensitive hearts. They were very different from others around them, and often shunned or misunderstood for their ‘gifts.’ Their mastery was having the courage to embrace the Feminine Principle, and thus embrace their sensitivity. When they embraced their sensitivity and uniqueness, they went on to leave lasting legacies of healing and hope, inspiring generations to come.

This sensitivity is a natural state of being in our new 5th dimensional world we are ascending into. It connects you up to the oneness of All That Is.

Master your sensitivity & thrive in the new world

At this point, you probably go ‘OK that’s all good, I acknowledge my sensitivity as a gift. But right now I’m struggling to cope with it. How do I even nurture my sensitivity and thrive?’

That’s a good question. You’re not alone in feeling that. I personally have gone through a healing journey with my own sensitivity.

I’d love to share a few tips with you:

  • Acknowledge & own your sensitivity. Never stop yourself from feeling it.

That is the key. I know it sounds hard, but it’s important. When your shy away from your sensitivity, you’re shutting down a real gift. The new evolving Earth needs you - the highly sensitive souls, to be ‘YOU’. Your sensitive heart is the key.

  • Ground yourself consistently.

At times you can get very ungrounded and over-whelmed. It’s important to consistently ‘ground’ yourself: focus on your Earth Star Chakra (six inches beneath your feet), and feel your Earth Star Chakra connects you to the heart of Mother Earth. Feel safe, grounded and centred.

  • Learn effective tools to manage your sensitivity.

There are many great energetic procedures out there that can help sensitive souls like you to live and thrive on this Earth. From feeling more safe in the world, closing down hyper-sensitivity, and even discerning if emotions are yours or others. Finding a great spiritual teacher or learning effective healing tools is a great way to nurture and support your unique gifts.

It’s such a wonderful feeling to honour your sensitivity, and honour truly who you are. Blessings for a beautiful journey forward!

With much love,

Lily x

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