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*Crystal Children


Children who have been birthed onto Earth since August 11, 1999 are Crystal Children. These children hold the template of the 5th dimensional crystalline grid. With a 5th dimensional template within them, Crystal Children hold a higher frequency than the world around them, and they are more pure & sensitive in their heart & emotions.

There are 3 different types of Crystal Children, each displaying slightly varying attributes. Which type of Crystal Children is your child? Read below on Characteristics of Crystal Children.

As the Earth and humanity are evolving to a higher vibrational reality, *Lightbody Symptoms (click to read more) are manifesting with Crystal Children when they are struggling with the Earth's transition or are impacted by the changing world around them. These Crystal Children need our support to ground & sustain their pure & sensitive presences on Earth. 

Crystalline Healing facilitates Crystal Children Group Healing (Absentee Event), as well as Child of Light 1-Day Workshop to support your Crystal Children.

If your child has ongoing symptoms manifesting, consider booking in for Personal Alchemical Healing

*The Characteristics of Crystal Children


Crystal Children display different attributes. From these, they can be identified as Crystal Star Children, Crystal Indigo Children and Crystal Children.




Crystal Star Children often seem disinterested in socialising. They tend to refrain from prolonged interaction with others and can often appear quite detached from the world around them. Although they are emotionally sensitive, their relationships with others tend to be founded on their spiritual and intellectual nature. If they are supported by a loving and unconditional caregiver or friend, these children can greatly excel.


Though they can appear withdrawn, Crystal Star Children are very inquisitive. They love to delve into the mysteries of the Universe from a scientific perspective, as well as from a spiritual one, and have a unique ability to understand and rationalise intuitive knowing.


These children seem to hold a special interest in ‘space’ or the Universe, and are more energetically impacted by comic activations and events. You will often find these children daydreaming while looking up at the stars. Common questions you will hear them ask include: ‘Where do we come from?’, ‘How was Earth created?’, and ‘Where is my home?’. What they truly seek to understand is the meaning of life.



The term ‘Indigo Children’ refer to those born with psychic gifts, especially with regard to clairaudient and telepathic abilities. These children utilise their throat and third eye chakra in a unique way. They are stubborn, sensitive, loving, courageous and very unique in nature. 


For Crystal Indigo Children, their intelligence reveals itself in a very unique ways. These children tend to be guided less by their rational mind, and more by the creative and emotional aspects of their consciousness. 

It is common for Crystal Indigo Children to be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). While these disorders can be indicative of genuine behavioural symptoms, I believe that a large portion of those diagnosed with these disorders are children who have an extreme sensitivity to the Earth’s changing grid, which can cause mild imbalances in their intellect and emotional body. In these cases, behavioural therapy and frequency healing can be beneficial, rather than relying solely on the prolonged use of stimulant medications. Milder light body symptoms, such as dyslexia and symptoms that manifest in the throat, middle ear and pineal gland, can also appear in those with Indigo attributes.


Crystal Indigo Children are telepathically open and tend to attune to different frequencies of sound. Sometimes this can cause them to feel disoriented and overwhelmed, making them very ungrounded. These children can also manifest hearing and communication difficulties. This is not always indicative of a physical disorder, but rather a psychological and emotional sensitivity to sound. Working with sound is important to their learning and their degree of centeredness.



While Star and Indigo children are able to attune to the knowledge and resources of the Earth and cosmos, Crystal Children hold these resources within them. This is because they are born with the fifth dimensional template imprinted within their DNA and etheric body. 


Crystal Children are light bearers. They hold pure energy, are very honest, and are compelled to seek truth. These children cannot hide their true feelings in order to protect those around them or to accommodate archaic norms, and can often shy away from people who are suppressed or restricted in their thoughts or behaviour. These children hold the flame for spiritual purity and strength, enabling them to innately discern between that which is ‘good’ and ‘bad’. 

Because they hold these special gifts, Crystal Children can sometimes find it difficult to adjust to the world around them. Earth rules and restrictions can be difficult for them to understand, and they often prefer to abide by the Universal Laws they hold within their hearts. 

Crystal Children are more connected to their heart. Their consciousness runs through their heart chakra, rather than their ego or solar plexus. They are therefore more emotionally open, and are more able to stay true to how they feel.


These children are also more connected to the earth and the crystals of the Earth. Because they run their consciousness through their heart chakra (which is orchestrated by the crystalline core of the Earth), they have a unique attainment to the teachings of Gaia. They energetically pick up on how others are feeling, and have a strong connection to the kingdoms of nature. 


Crystal Children are highly attuned to energy and are impacted by it. It is important that they learn to clear and protect their energy field, either through frequency healing procedures, or by working with crystals.




excerpt from Beyond Doorways,  The Mysteries Revealed 

by Alexis Cartwright, Founder & Channeller of Transference Healing

*How to support your Crystal Children

Crystal Children benefit greatly from your understanding and high-frequency energetic support.


Here are a couple of methods you can consider to support your Crystal Child:


Crystal Children Healing & Meditation (Absentee Group Event):

for your child to receive this healing in the comfort of their own home. Channelled messages and meditations recorded.

Personal Alchemical Healing:

If your child has ongoing Lightbody symptoms manifesting, consider a 1:1 Alchemical Healing. This healing can be received either distantly or in person. 

1-Day Child of Light Workshop:

Learn all about Crystal Children: types of Crystal Children and their characteristics. Learn natural healing procedures to run on your child, to energetically support their journey.

Crystal Children Support Group

*Crystal Children Healing & Meditation

This Healing & Meditation Event is created specifically to help your Crystal Children. On a monthly basis, I will facilitate an Absentee Crystal Children Healing & Meditation night where I will run a healing & meditation on your child as part of the Group, to help clear their energy & any *Lightbody Symptoms that might be manifesting. This Healing also uplifts your child’s vibrations, and anchors them in the 5th dimensional Earth Crystal Grid. Your child will feel more grounded, settled and centred in their body, emotions & mind.

This Event is conducted on an Absentee basis,  i.e. from your own location, your child will be called in energetically to join in, receive the Healing & Meditation as part of the Group. During the Event, your child can participate as much or as little as they wish. And they can rest, play or study as usual. 

See our next Crystal Children Healing & Meditation (Absentee) here.

Child of Light Workshp

*Child of Light 1-Day Workshop

Learn all about Crystal Children: types of Crystal Children and their characteristics.

Learn a set of simple yet effective CHILD OF LIGHT Healing Procedures to energetically support your Crystal Children. These procedures can effectively treat Lightbody Symptoms Crystal Children are manifesting, supporting your child to feel calm, grounded & stable and live a healthy & joyful life.

As an adult, you will also benefit from this Workshop to help heal your Inner Child pain. 

Read more about this Workshop here.

* About Lily


Growing up as a very sensitive child, I went through an amazing journey to overcome my hyper-sensitivity, heal my heart, health & emotions, and make my re-connection to my Soul and Spirit. I understand how sometimes difficult or challenging it could be growing up without energetic support.

In my adulthood, I was blessed with the support of Transference Healing, a 7th dimensional Frequency Healing & Ascension Modality to heal my Inner Child. I believe this modality is a gift to humanity. In particularly, the Child of Light Healing & Meditation are an incredible support to Crystal Children. I feel now it’s time for me to pass this gift on to other sensitive children, for them to have a happy & healthy life, for them to bring through their incredible gifts & talents and thrive here on Earth. 

(Read more about my journey here.)

Lily Transference Healing Practitioner

* Lightbody Symptoms: 

Common Lightbody Symptoms that are manifesting in Crystal Children:

  • Respiratory discomfort, tightness in the lungs, asthma-like symptom, flu-like symptoms, hay fever, sinus colds, runny noses and sneezing for up to 24 hours;

  • Aching of bones & joints;

  • Headaches not alleviated by painkillers;

  • Immune deficiency and fluctuation;

  • Dizziness, ringing in the ears, coordination imbalances;

  • Tightness in the chest and feelings of physical/emotional hypersensitivity

  • Aching in the limbs and joints

  • Strange skin irritations and pigmentations

  • Feelings of de ja vu, intense dreaming and the release of fear when in dream state, sometimes causing nightmares or night sweats

  • Short periods of intense tiredness, or on a parallel level, sudden bursts of high energy

  • Occasional diarrhoea

  • Mood swings with intense bouts of emotion that needs to be expressed

  • Strange symptomatic pain in the body

  • Vagueness in the head and feelings of being ungrounded;

  • Strange sensations and sounds emanating from deep within your inner ears and brain;

  • Sudden overwhelming and sometimes frightening emotions that well up, requiring urgent understanding, grounding and balancing;

  • Expression of visions of past lives;

  • Expression of feelings that they do not belong here on Earth. (In this situation it is important to say to the child, "Welcome to Earth.")

  • Expression of feeling disconnected from the Earth and from the people around them, and a strong desire to 'go home'. (In this situation, it is important to say to the child, or have the child say, "You are/I am home and feel safe and nurtured by Earth and Gaia.")

Lightbody Symptoms
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