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Transference Healing Crystalline Healing

1:1 Personal Crystal Healing & Sirian Activation

1.5-2hr session
Limited availability   3rd-12th Aug


In Person or Absentee

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During the time of the powerful Lion's Gate Portal, I am being guided by Spirit to offer a limited number of 1 to 1 personal Crystal Healings & Sirian Activation.

The influx of stellar Light from this portal, along with the divine presence of Goddess Isis and Sirian Star beings betow unique gifts for you.


Through this 1 to 1 session, you will be supported to absorb the pure Goddess & stellar Light into your body & consciousness. This will help awaken or deepen your connection to this divine kingdom. Goddess Isis, in particular, supports the birthing of courageous heart, helping you to develop strength & faith in yourself and your journey.

The frequencies that are filtering through the portal and the Sirian Star dimension are very pure and refined. The healing & activation will support you to crystalline your body & consciousness, upgrade your DNA and genetic coding, and activate your Lightbody. This will also assist your re-connection to the Sirian dimension and your cosmic lineage.

Personal realisations, insights and messages from Spirit can come through at this time to help you embody the crystalline Goddess Light, and expand your Soul.


You'll love this Crystal Healing & Activation, if you wish to:


* awaken your inner Goddess, and make a divine re-connection to the pure Sirian Goddess lineage through Goddess Isis;

* cultivate the courage & strength of your Heart, and feel the faith in yourself and your personal journey;

* shift your vibration and receive an energetic upgrade through the activation of Sirian stellar coding in you; 

* crystallise your body, mind & soul, to feel well, light & clear, and enter a state of bliss, purity & peace;




* 45min-1hr alchemy healing session: clear, shift & uplift your vibration;
* Channelled feedback: in support of your growth & healing, as well as re-connection to the Goddess Light;
* Crystal Lightbody essence to take home: support the integration of your healing & activation. 




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In addition to the healing, these Bonus Activation will hugely support your re-connection to the Goddess, and the infusion of the crystalline Goddess Light into your being. The Pentagram crystal gridding illuminates & balances the 5 elements in you, and filters the pure crystalline stellar coding from the Sirian dimension into your whole being. This allows you to enter a state of lightness, purity, bliss & peace, and greatly supports your wellbeing & spiritual growth.

This session can be performed on your either In Person or Absentee.




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Phone: please ring or text Lily on 0402 177 436

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Press 'Buy Now' button, fill out your details to pay via Paypal.

(Please note that you do not need a Paypal account in order to make payment via Paypal. Simply select 'Pay with Card' on the payment page.)

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"Having tried numerous modalities for healing I was pleasantly surprised when I tried Transference Healing with Lily at Crystalline Healing.  I was very worried about the state of my health after receiving a negative diagnosis from my neurosurgeon. Our levels of emotion are usually deep and often hidden from our consciousness.


Lily has integrity, generosity and intuitive insight and is so gentle and connected to Christ Energy that I could feel the energy flowing through her towards me as I sat in a chair opposite her. It is difficult to describe in words but a powerful surrender happens.


I left feeling at peace and very positive. It worked for days afterwards and brought up memories I didn’t realize I had, clearing profound sadness, and then  filling the void left behind, with positive feelings of purpose to move forward."


Pamela S. Mudgeeraba Qld


Here at Crystalline Helaing I facilitate Healing and Ascension via the modality of Transference Healing®.


To read more about this healing modality, please click the links below: 


What is Transference Healing®

How Transference works and helps you

Fundamentally, the best way to comprehend this healing’s power & its essence, is to experience it. 

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