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Transference Healing Crystalline Healing


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Through the powerful frequency healing, I support you to heal & initiate positive changes from within, and you will feel wellness & lightness like never before. 


Here at Crystalline Healing I facilitate Healing and Ascension via the modality of Transference Healing®. It makes sense for me to explain this healing modality in more detail, so you get a bigger picture of what it is and how it can help you. Fundamentally, the best way to comprehend this healing’s power & its essence, is to experience it. 



Transference Healing® is a seventh dimensional Frequency Healing and Ascension modality.

We’re now at the path of rapid ascension.


In 2012, the Earth and us humanity have anchored the 5th dimensional template. We’re now on the path of rapidly assimilating Light in our body & consciousness, clearing old distortions, in order to embody the new Adam Kadmon body - the 5th dimensional Lightbody.


At this time of rapid ascension, many symptoms are manifesting. We’re being prompted to clear old coding and distortions, so we can integrate our crystalline Lightbody. 


These symptoms vary from physical symptoms, to genetic, emotional & karmic pain, to mental distortions, and so forth. We call them Lightbody Symptoms. See a full list of Lightbody Symptoms here.


Transference Healing® is a very effective Ascension & Healing modality in support of you to assimilate Light, and heal Lightbody symptoms at the very core level. This modality works multi-dimensionally, healing at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. It has the ability to tap into and re-program the deeper layers of your being, down to your atoms, cells and DNA. 

​At this time of Earth evolution, Lightbody Symptoms may not respond well to conventional treatments. Transference Healing® works on the etheric patterning of the body and also with the Lightbody (electromagnetic body). It can therefore weave the necessary frequencies, elements and Light into the body to sustain ongoing wellness and initiate profound healing on all levels.

It is a powerful healing process as Transference works on many levels of your body. It sees your being as more than physical, but a holographic whole with deeper emotional and mental dimensions. So rather than diagnosing from your physical symptoms, Transference takes a more wholistic approach and looks deeply into your body. This enables the energy work to reach the core of your symptoms and problems, and heal from this deeper level.

Many clients come to Transference Healing® with symptoms previously not being effectively treated by traditional medical intervention. Transference Healing's wholistic approach works multi-dimensionally and treats deeper layers of the body, and so it is not limited to just the physical. This creates a more effective healing response.


As you receive Transference Healing®, the healing frequencies tap deeply in your body and clears old stuck energies from the core. It releases you from your pain & problems, and uplifts you into the Light. It therefore sustains your ongoing health & wellness.


Over and above, as Transference works multi-dimensionally, it provides powerful energetic support for your emotional balance and wellness. The beautiful healing frequencies enable the healing of your heart. It opens & nurtures your heart, alleviating tension or suppressed energies from within your heart & emotions. 

This healing modality is very empowering in that it frees you from your restrictions enabling you to reconnect to your true & Higher Self, and through that, to manifest positive changes in your reality. Your soul can feel the freedom and the expansion.



Simply put, Lightbody is a vehicle which connects our physical, human self, to our true spiritual nature. It is the body of Light which is formed of sacred geometry and higher frequencies and particles of Light.


Transference Healing® is unique in that it works with the Lightbody. The Lightbody is the higher frequency layer of our being and a body of Light that is sustained within the electromagnetic field of the Universe. When you integrate aspects of the Lightbody, your body is filled with more particles of Light, and you feel ‘light’ and your consciousness ‘enlightened’. Ascension, simply put, is to obtain this higher state of being.


Transference Healing® provides a pathway for this amazing Lightbody integration process. Receiving healings purifies the old genetic coding within your body, and templates your whole being so that higher frequencies and codes can anchor through. It supports your purification process so you can sail through change & growth. It therefore is a pathway for your Lightbody integration. Through that, a rapid Ascension can occur. 

Lightbody Symptoms


Since 1999, when we began anchoring the lightbody, all of humanity has been impacted by lightbody symptoms. As light filters into the body, density releases, triggering a symptomatic clearing process. Lightbody symptoms manifest when a shift in consciousness occurs, and when we undergo alchemical changes initiated by the decoding of illness, trauma and pain. The more severe the symptoms, the bigger the clearing process and the more important it is that we release old patterning - Beyond Doorways, Alexis Cartwright.

To achieve and maintain wellness at this time we need to regularly clear, realign, recode and balance all of our energetic bodies and also work with supporting the anchoring and integration of the Lightbody system.  The lightbody work, unified with other etheric procedures to create a frequency and ascension healing modality, is what makes Transference Healing® so unique.


Transference Healing® shifts the frequency in the body and filters light into the sub-atomic dimensions of the body for the anchoring process of the Lightbody system, and in parallel, continually shifts us into higher levels of frequency and consciousness to create a more empowered state of Mastership.  Frequency healing helps us achieve alignment, balance, holistic wellness and spiritual empowerment to obtain a form of enlightenment.

CLICK HERE to read a list of common Lighbody Symptoms effectively treated by Transference Healing.



Ultimately Transference Healing® reconnects us to the Universe. To me, this is what Ascension is about - as we embody the Higher I AM, we are weaving back to the very fabric of the Universe, and we are truly ONE - ONE with God/Goddess, God/Goddess is within us. This is the ancient Goddess teaching and wisdom.


Transference Healing® channels this ancient Goddess wisdom and frequency. And through that you re-connect and filter light directly from the natural elements, crystals, and from the cosmic beings, angels, devas and other multitudes of higher planes of existence. You embody the magic of Alchemy. You make the reconnection to the lost wisdom of ancient Lemuria & Atlantis, their way of ‘healing through nature’ and their incredible Crystal Technology, and you obtain a pure and crystallined state of being much like at these Golden Ages of existence.


All these support you to reconnect to the Universe, to God/Goddess, and become ONE with all that is.  It is an amazing journey of healing & ascension. 

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