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ANIMAL MAGIC - drawing on the power of the Animal Kingdom

One of my favourite rituals at the start of a year is an Animal Magic Totem Reading. This year I had my personal reading completed at the sacred location of Glass House Mountains. Ahh I was so humbled by the exceptionally powerful experience, with thunder, rain & sunshine all passing through during my reading.

Lovely friends, do you love animal energies?

Personally I feel so blessed to have the amazing support from the Animal Kingdom in my day to day life. The incredible healing, purification and energetic support I receive from Earth Animals / Elemental Beings / Mythical Beings, is something I could not have gone through my ascension journey without. And today, connecting to the Animal Magic is deeply embedded in my daily spiritual practice.

Are you wondering how you might benefit from attuning to the Animal Kingdom? Let me share this with you, to assist you in your own connection to the Animal Kingdom.


As part of our ascension journey, one of the most amazing thing to achieve, is our ability to align the self to Divine Will. Simply put, when we can sync with the flow of the Universe, we live in absolute grace, ease & majesty, there is no struggle. And when we can hear the Divine messages clearly, we can surrender to the flow, because we can see the bigger picture, and we’re not ‘blind’ anymore.

But when we’re on our Earthly learning curve, sometimes we’re not that clear, aren’t we? And we even have times we feel totally in the dark, and that we can’t hear Spirit. At this time attuning to the Animal Kingdom can provide that clarity & guidance we need.

For me personally, working with the Transference Healing Animal Magic cards daily helps me to align with Spirit and listen deeply to the Divine messages. The animals that come through show me what energies I am to master on the day, and sometimes even pinpoint what potential challenges I might face. They takes lots of my guess work away, and help me stay focused on my path.

At the start of each year, an Animal Magic Totem Reading is my favourite ritual. It shows me a bigger picture of my healing & ascension path, and what energies I am to master over the coming year, which allows me to live in an expanded reality, without getting caught up in day-to-day drama. I have found that drawing on the animal power this way helps me to walk through my year with so much more assurance, ease & grace.

I see the Animal Kingdom as a powerful doorway where you can tap in and access Divine Will. Ancient shamans read signs from the animals to retrieve knowledge of the Universe. Indigenous people communicate with native animals for messages, clarity and wisdom.


The Earth and humanity are at a rapid time of ascension. Energetically we’re decoding, letting go, releasing so much more than ever. Right now at the beginning of 2018, energetically we’re transmuting all that we’ve learnt & wanted to purify in 2017, before embracing a new year, new cycle.

It’s so wonderful to draw upon the power of the Animal Kingdom, to consistently purify & uplift our energies, especially at vital times of transition like now.

The practice of purification with the help of nature has existed since the dawn of time. The Elements and Elemental Kingdom play a huge part in purification rituals across many cultures. Aboriginal people’s smoking ceremony, native Americans fire circle, are all examples of purification rituals drawing on the power of nature, especially the element ‘fire’.

The Elemental Beings, i.e. the Earth, Air, Water & Fire Spirits, Crystal Fairy, etc. hold the consciousness of each Element. So when we conduct purification rituals drawing on a particular element, we’re tapping into the consciousness of that particular Elemental Spirit.

The Sacred Circle of Fire within Transference Healing Animal Magic practice, for example, is a powerful ritual helping to create a deep purification of negative energies, karmic ties and lower astral vibes.

You will get a chance to experience this Ritual as part of your Animal Magic Totem Reading in January through to March. Or, you might want to learn how to run this Ritual for yourself, your home environment & loved ones by sitting the Animal Magic 1-Day Workshop.

Find out your Totem Animals for 2018, gain clarity, guidance & energetic support.

Book your Animal Magic Totem Reading now, and make 2018 a soul-fulfilling year for you!

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