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March 2024 Energy and Meditation

Dear ones, warm welcome to the energy update and meditation for this month.

Pure light frequencies have been streaming through our planet, especially from the Sirius Star dimension. This light is so pure and high in frequency that it really rocks our planet Earth, nudging the planet and all of us, humanity, to shift in vibration, ready to receive its blessings. 

At this time, many of us are feeling the impact. From subtle sensations such as feeling spacey, altered, ungrounded, to more intense emotions like ‘feeling on edge’, having chaos in our reality. No matter at which scale this plays out in your life right now, be rest assured, abundant Spirit support is present to help stabilise us through this change. 

Our guiding animal for this month is the reassuring Frilled Neck Lizard. Frilled Neck Lizard is a native Australian animal, belonging to the family of lizards called ‘dragons’. 

Frilled Neck Lizard shows us the way to stabilise our energy and anchor deeply into the Earth, especially during radical changes. Through this Earth connection, we keep revitalising our energy and assimilate the new waves of light with ease.

If you ever observe a lizard - how it stays low down on the Earth like it’s hugging the ground - this is the posture we shall embrace right now! Pull your energy down and feel your roots deeply anchored into the Earth as if you were hugging it. Frilled Neck Lizard shares a unique alchemy to revitalise you through this Earth connection. Such a grounding revitalisation allows the light to ripple through your body and your reality with more ease and less struggle.

Another beautiful gift from the Frilled Neck Lizard is that of ‘adaptability’. This animal lives in the outback Australia where extreme heat and dryness prevail, an environment where it relies on its magic to regulate body temperature and easily adapt to changes. 

‘Adaptability’ is a gift so precious not only in this month, but in the year 2024 ahead. A year where the old systems are dissolving and we’re prompted to step into a more authentic new personal reality. But how can we create the new and not get stuck in the stagnant old reality? We embody the energy of ‘adaptability’. 

‘Adaptability’ is more than a mental attitude or a feeling, much more than that. It is an energetic capacity in that we’re able to initiate an alchemy within to effortlessly change our internal landscape, and through that we assimilate new energies with ease. 

A good analogy is that, imagine you’re riding the waves in the ocean, and suddenly the current changes. Your adaptability enables you to shape shift, be so flexible and light that you can jump on and ride the new wave with ease. As opposed to being stuck in the old currents and struggling. 

Frilled Neck Lizard initiates this powerful ‘adaptability’ alchemy through its throat chakra. Enjoy a free meditation below to experience its magic firsthand.

"Embrace grounding revitalisation

and adaptability"

Beloved ones, whenever you feel drawn to, call upon Frilled Neck Lizard as your guide, find the grounding stability and revitalisation, and embrace adaptability - all of these will pave your pathway to joyful positive changes aligned with the Earth’s and your Soul’s evolution. 

Enjoy this meditation with Frilled Neck Lizard, and return to this meditation whenever you are drawn to:

*deeply ground into the Earth and revitalise your energy.

*uplift your vibration during radical changes in your life.

*initiate a powerful alchemy to easily adapt and shift your vibration, and shine light into your reality.

Group Healing & Meditation Event

Coming up on Thursday 14th of March, I’ll co-host a Group Healing & Meditation event with my partner Andrew, delving into the enchanting realm of the Dragons. Come along, receive the group healing to powerfully shift your vibration and immerse yourself in the Dragon magic in this year of the Wood Dragon. Details below:

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