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October Energy

Blessed ones,

I see that this October’s energy holds beautiful potentials to reclaim our drive & passion, so we can move forward with a greater sense of purpose.

If like me, you’ve been making internal changes in the past few months, then in October we’re being supported by the spiritual force to drive this forward with speed & ease. Transformation really is so close now!

One of the biggest areas we are being nudged to heal, in my perception, is our mental body.

Universe is showing us the times when we keep ourselves ‘small’ by running daily life out of very limiting beliefs. These beliefs are embedded so deeply in our subconscious and unconscious mind that they often feel ‘natural’ to us. Meaning that we usually don’t realise these beliefs are there within us. However, they’re coming to the surface now, because we’re at such a profound time of growth. Limited beliefs or mental patterns that are no longer in alignment with our higher potential are ripe for transformation!

So what you may find is that, circumstances might be playing out to help you identify limiting beliefs, and give you the opportunity to make different choices.

For example, without knowing consciously, some of us hold the belief that life is a challenge. And in order to survive and earn a living, we have to work ourselves so hard. This mental pattern is likely to be embedded within us if our parents’ generation had a rather difficult time earning a living and feeding the family. However, right now, this mental pattern is limiting our growth.

There is a saying that we’re not ‘victims’ of our reality, but ‘victims’ of our consciousness. It’s so true.

Our beliefs, thought patterns and emotional state dictate so much our perspective in life. What we think or feel attracts & creates our outer reality. So if we wish to create a better reality, we need to be able to heal our mind & soul.

"We're not 'victims' of our reality,

but 'victims' of our consciousness."

‘Fire’ Element & Healing of Mental Body

Our subconscious mind patterns are energy-based. Meaning that they lodge not just in our ‘mind’ but also in our body energetically. So in order to rise above, we have to do more than just ‘thinking positively’. We need to be able to unlock & release these energies at all levels, from our body, mind & soul.

Once we recognise that, we can utilise powerful healing tools to help transmute these energies. A very powerful tool that I often call upon is the element of ‘Fire’.

This month, our Healing Meditation will tap into the ‘Fire’ element through powerful ritual and healing meditations. This journey will help us clear our mind, and transmute subconscious blocks that are holding us back. A deep level of centredness, calmness & clarity can birth.

Revitalisation, Drive & Passion

Being the element for ‘passion’ and ‘drive’, the ‘Fire’ element will also revitalise our life force & resource our energy reserves.

At this point you may wish to manifest new life circumstances. But perhaps you don’t feel you have the energy to do that. Or, you feel overwhelmed with the demands of life, and unsure of how to manifest more passion and drive to create a better reality. Then the healing from the ‘fire’ element will be so amazing for you!

Attuning to this element can give you the energy boost that help push forward and initiate positive changes that you’re yearning to make.

Sacred ‘Fire’ Ritual

Over this month's Healing Meditation Event, we’ll come together for a sacred ‘Circle of Fire’ ritual. This is a powerful and transformative ritual that helps to transmute all lower vibrations that no longer serve you, clear your mind & emotions, and revitalise deep within your etheric body. This creates a space for you to receive Divine Love & Blessings.

This event is perfect if you wish to:

  • Receive a powerful transformative ritual for revitalisation;

  • Release limitations and blockages that have been keeping you stuck these past months;

  • Receive an infusion of Light for deep revitalisation so that you can build your energy reserves;

  • Counteract feelings of depletion, tiredness and lack of passion;

  • Feel more confident to make positive changes in your life.

Find out more about this Event HERE.

"I have had a one on one frequency healing with Lily, it was amazing how I felt after, so cleansed & light, I also love the monthly healing meditations they really moved the energy in my body very fast to heal me quicker, Lily is a beautiful person & I love how she channels the energy for me to bring me to a state of peace, I highly recommend Lily for a transference healing & to attend the meditation sessions xx"

Tracey Thompson. Tweed Head South

Sending love & blessings for a powerful month!

Lily x

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Growing up as a very sensitive child, I went through an amazing journey to overcome my hyper-sensitivity, heal my heart, health & emotions, and make my re-connection to Spirit. I understand how sometimes difficult or challenging it could be having a sensitive heart & body without energetic support. In my adulthood, I was blessed with the support of Transference Healing, a 7th dimensional Frequency Healing & Ascension Modality. This modality helped me heal the emotions & the symptoms as a result of the overwhelm, thereby mastering my sensitivity. I believe this modality is a gift to humanity. I feel now it’s time for me to pass this gift on to other sensitive souls, for you to have a happy & healthy life, for you to bring through your incredible gifts & talents and thrive here on Earth. 

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